Matchy Matchy Christmas!

The Christmas holiday season is full of fun traditions. What are some of yours? In our abode, we are starting some new traditions and keeping some old for our little party of three! My husband and I married later in life, meaning, we were the single ones always traveling to another family member’s house for the holidays. Now, we are determined to spend Christmas Day at home so we can partake in our own festivities, our way. I don’t know about you, but I love the matching Christmas pajamas I see on other families. It is so funny to see what they picked out and it is very impressive when a group of 20+ people are all in the same pj’s! This year, hubby and I opted for some comfy flannel from Land’s End. Perhaps next year I can plan better to get all three of us in the same outfit. Our little Thor-Olav wore cute pajamas purchased from Nordstrom.
When it comes to holiday food, for Christmas Eve at our house, dinner is basically an arrangement of cold cuts. Basically, no cooking required is the motto, just slight assembly. This year we had smoked salmon, smoked oysters, made a shrimp salad, and deviled eggs, plus herring and some sweet treats. On Christmas Day we baked a turkey breast (not the whole bird) and had all of the traditional fixings one could expect, plus we made peppermint candy crème brulee! My husband loves using that blow torch! Haha.
We hope you all celebrated well and hope Santa was good to you! Leave a comment if you like. We’d love to hear from you!



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